Tuesday, December 11, 2007

This is for Hope

No really, this is for Hope. She begged me not to do this, use this mammal in this way, that is. But I couldn't help myself. I just have a certain affinity for creepiness. I saw Kimberly's things over at www.edgarandedgar.typepad.com and loved it. So here is my take on it. I also added the other pictures of my sparkly shiny wreath, and this picture of my tree at night to try to offset the creepy factor. We went to Stillwater this morning as my daughter had a final to take and it rained on us all the way. Thank goodness it wasn't ice. I really feel for those without power. OG&E have people out working 24/7 and power crews from all over the US have come to help. So hopefully things will be better soon.


Kimberlee Edgar said...

He Looks Fabulous!!!!!!!! Love it.

Edgar and Edgar

Hope said...

Well, Christie, uh, uh, uh...I'm without words!!! That never happens. I can't believe you really went and done it! And to think of all the decorating opportunities I missed growing up when my Daddy slaughtered hogs every year around this time! What was I thinking??? What were YOU thinking????? Now I see there were TWO of you using these poor mammal-type creatures in such a manner!! How many more boar exploiters are out there??
I'm just kidding. I've had a good belly laugh out of this one! I do love your other decor though! :)