Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Took a Little Trip

A little guilt trip that is, and but only a little one. I really should feel bad about doing some shopping today, for me! But I did and I don't. I picked up this little glad sandwich bag of crochet potholders which I thought held two or three and it did, and a few more, like nineteen! So I started my collection and almost have enough to call it completed for $7. Then I came home and put up a tree in my kitchen, I've never ever had two Christmas trees at once, what extravagance and indulgence. I've never been this cheerful during December, usually I am located somewhere in the vicinity of melancholy, exhaustion and hacked off. I don't know what has gotten into me. Is this the holiday spirit of which you speak?

1 comment:

yellowdog granny said...

2 christmas trees..wow..how much fun would that be for my cat annie...wheee