Monday, September 28, 2009

Cute little pears!

I love pears and I love baby buddha shaped pears! See more here.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I can't stop myself,

they are like potato chips, really ugly, with tentacles and suckers, potato chips, and you can't have just one.
I've made another one, and I like him pretty well. This one has a light inside it's head so that light filters out from his poppy red eyes. I've really had a lot of fun, figuring out how to make these and actually see them come to fruition. I must quote Adam Wallacavage here again for giving me the inspiration to make something I had seen, that otherwise could never own.

Adam Wallacavage: "I think it was the idea of creating the things I simply wanted. I've spent countless hours in my life scouring through flea markets and antique stores and decorative arts museums and I never had money to buy the things that inspired me. Or I felt this compulsive urge to acquire things that was kinda obsessive and not very good feeling. I basically realized that I had the talents to hand-make the things I wanted to see and it has been such a blessing to have gotten to the point of where I am now, where I feel I can have anything I can imagine, if I can figure out a way to make it."

I haven't decided whether or not to list this one. I really like having these creepy things hanging around my house. I'm sure I probably should not be decorating my house like the set of a spooky movie but it's what I'm feelin' right now and has been loads of fun. BTW I was really honored recently when etsy and Paste Magazine's Assistant Editor, Rachael Maddux chose old Pearl as part of their best animal themed items on etsy. It was HUGE for me, I am so flattered that my item would even be considered. I stay well grounded by the number of 'I can't believe that's so ugly' blogs that my stuff appears on. I kind of understand this as these are not for everyone and yes, creepy and yes, ugly, but that's what I was going for. Really. It is. What I was going for. Really.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation.

Well, I didn't go anywhere for a summer vacation. But here are a couple of pics I found on my camera from summer. The first is my birthday cake. I haven't had a birthday cake since my mama passed away in 2004. She was a real stickler that I always have a cake. She would enlist someone to go get me the very prettiest cake every year. And of course me being me, I LOVED the corner pieces with lots of frosting roses. Guess I must have reminisced about that quite alot. So my darling little girl got me a cake with frosting roses everywhere and in my favorite color! Boy did we enjoy it!

"When I am an old woman I shall wear purple..." and pink skulls on my shoes. Love these comfy shoes. Would have died had my children tried to wear something so fugly. But in my bizarro reality think I may be rockin these. (Which is the exact reason that I fear for my sanity.) One hot July day, I mean really hot July day, (did I say it was a hot July day?) we found this guy. This poor little fella had fallen down into a barrell of feed and could not claw his way up and out. When my husband found him, he thought he was dead as he was totally unresponsive. But after a closer look we could see he was barely breathing, and totally dehydrated. So drop by drop, we gave him water, then pedialyte. When he regained conciousness he moved on to canned cat food. After a few days and an amazing recovery he was ready to rejoin his family. Since then I have seen him several times as we had marked him with a squirt of green livestock marking paint. Guess all's well that ends well. He's not sickly in this photo, but enjoying a scratch on the back from my hubby.
That's about it for the pics in the camera, but I am looking at the calendar hoping to take a summer vacation in the fall. We'll see.

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm Baaaaack,

and I can't say where I've been. You see it's in the contract that I signed. Noooooooooooo, not really, that's a lie too. I haven't been anywhere and I haven't done anything, at least not blog worthy.
But, you know how you wake up some mornings and try really hard to get a good start, a positive start? I personally use my Stuart Smalley affirmations, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and dog gone it people like me!"
Unfortunately most days I don't even buy that line of crap and for those days there are these cards. Cards that get right down to crux of any situation. Believe me they have a card here for ANY occasion. Just don't expect any Hallmark hoo-haw. You can get yours at the Bluebarnhouse Store.