Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Not Your Mama's Sleepytime

With these short, cold, winter days, I no longer finish having this,

before it's time to have this,

barely squeezing in a cup of this. And let me tell you 'Sleepytime EXTRA' , with Valerian is nothing like the old fashioned Sleepytime, with this stuff you won't need Lunesta or Ambien. It's good stuff and with a cup of Morning Thunder you won't need a Red Bull. Besides all that the Perfectly Pear White Tea smells and tastes wonderful. When you brew the Sleepytime the scent of Spearmint wafts through the house. These have become my cold weather, ice storm rituals. I don't even work for Celestial Seasonings either.

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Hope said...

Hey there Chris,
I am one of those coffe slurpers. I've never liked iced tea like most people. I have had hot tea and could tolerate that. I do, however have trouble sleeping and that little dozing bear on the box makes me want to run out and buy some. I have to take Lunesta to sleep so I might just try some of that!! Thanks for sharing!