Sunday, December 2, 2007

I'm Being Watched

As I was untangling Christmas lights and swearing vehemently, while looking for the light causing half a string not to work, I was being watched. I love the way Christmas lights look, but I HATE putting them up. Guess I was making a spectacle of myself with such bad behavior that even the cows looked on disdainfully. I'll bet I'm not on that nice list.


White Cats said...

I hate tangled Christmas lights, tangled wire coat hangers, and large flying roaches. All three I would eliminate with my magical powers if I could. Your blog inspires me. Lena

Wanda said...

I can just hear those cows sighing and saying, "What's that human up to now?"

I'm right wid'cha on the light strings. That's one of the three Christmas jobs delegated to my husband.