Monday, December 17, 2007


Here are a few of the things I have asked for in the past and received for Christmas. I've seen and heard other women's childhood favorites, which included beautiful frilly dresses, fuzzy stuffed kittens, tiny teapots and cups, and lovable little baby dolls. Not me. You can't even say that I was a 'tom boy' and wanted boy things (well, some were boy things), but mostly just kind of strange things. The two I thought I would die without was the creepy crawler machine, which lasted only about as long as the liquid. I used some of this liquid to mark lizards, I was catching and releasing, why I don't know. Must have been watching too much Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom. Then there was the Man from U.N.C.L.E. spy kit. This kit included more than the cap gun, it came in a plastic briefcase and had all sorts of spy equipment, used to send and decipher secret messages, periscopes to peer around corners, actually everything necessary to fight and win the cold war. I was just a regular little Valerie Plame before my time. I did have dolls, I don't remember asking for them, but was given a lot of Madam Alexander dolls, and I did like the Liddle Kiddles. And this year what do I want, what every beauty queen asks for, "like, such as.....", world peace of course. What a powerful word and wish: PEACE.


Hope said...

Hmmm..seems like I rmember some of these toys!! lol I bought the Easy Bake Oven for my daughter when she was young. I found a different version of it for my granddaughter last year! I remember my daughter put the little pan of cake mixed up into hers and it fell down in there somehow and the mix went all over the light bulb!! What a mess!

texlahoma said...

My cousin had an easy bake oven. She made something in it, I thought it was alright but her brother said it tasted like dog food. I think we had to run away from her after that comment, she didn't take criticism well.