Saturday, January 5, 2008


We stopped in at Lucille's in Mulhall, Oklahoma for dinner. Lucille Mulhall was a cowgirl and friend of Will Rogers, who ranched and competed in rodeos and a wild west show. The cute old restaurant is located in an old bank building full of charm and character. And as for dinner I wasn't too hungry I ordered a sandwich, that would have fed a third world family of four for a week. The picture of it doesn't really reflect it's ginormous size.


Hope said...

Hey Christie, that looks like a cool place. That food looks so good!! Even though it's almost 2 am I'm gonna go look for a bite to eat!!


yellowdog granny said...

i remember reading about her in a book on cowgirls..she was good...and that hamburger looks pretty damn good too..

bgirl said...

No, really sweetie - I looks ginormous in the picture.

But delicious.