Saturday, January 5, 2008

Keeping Up With the Jones

I hate to admit it but I am an addict. I love looking at the blogs and adore my favorites. I seem to annoy my family by chatting incessantly about what's going on in other peoples blog lives. I will tell my husband about the color of someones vacation cottage, or the cabinets in another's kitchen. Well this week, I just happened to be telling of Kimberlee's wonderful Christmas gifts that I had seen over at Edgar and Edgar. I thought no one was really listening to me, but they were and just look at this darling handbag my dear got for me. A New Year's Gift. He really does spare no expense. This bag is top of the line, look at the cosmetic mirror, all the better to see the fairest in the land. There really are perks to being a trophy wife.( I'm gonna dress up, put on my perfume and my Merle Haggard, oops I mean Merle Norman makeup and go out for a night on the town. There's bingo at the VFW.) Not really, I'm not that much fun.


yellowdog granny said...

hmm,is that a texas armadillo?...or as we refer to it armadildo.

BBC said...

Hi Christie, I guess you could call me a pagan, but I prefer to just think of myself as the spirit. As I think you should also.

As for the Jones's, I have no desire what so ever to try to keep up with them.

All I have is all I need, I wish everyone on this planet had what I have. Shelter, food, money.

None of it is fancy, but it is mine, at least for now. Hard to say how it will be in five years in this failing country.

But I've gotten as ready for it as I can. Welcome to 2008, it should be interesting. Bill

BBC said...

Oh, I'm not much into solstice ceremonies.

Edgar and Edgar said...