Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Holiday Gifts and Other Conspiracies

Blogging is still new territory to me and I am trying to learn every day along with that godsdam Photoshop 7.0 (I would love to apprentice at the knee of the master,er mistress Anahata).

I see everyone has a nickname for their husband or significant other Mrs. Sweetheart has her Mr. and Pioneer Woman has her Marlboro Man, lots of people have their DH's, well I guess my true love will here to for be referred to as 'Rusty Shackleford'. When Rusty isn't busy with his conspiracy theories he makes a living for us by shoeing horses. He's very good at it, his clients and their equines love him. One of his clients a woman OB-Gyn had several Paso Fino horses and a pot bellied pig, Tiffany, who lived in their barn. When the horses got their feet trimmed Tiffany would get her pedi also. The best thing about Tiffany was the Christmas card we received every year with a gift card for a Honeybaked Ham signed by none other than Tiffany herself along with a slew of horses whose names I fail to recall. Ironic? Maybe.

Rusty is a dear and is very good about remembering holidays, his gifts are heartfelt, but some are not exactly what I was wishing for in my heart of hearts. There were many, many years when he purchased sexy lingerie, high heeled shoes and other accoutrements only found in such stores such as Frederick's of Hollywood. A look he loved for me to don, but usually way to small, uncomfortable and totally inappropriate for a farm, wife and mother more for the working stripper. If you haven't chased a Brahman cow across a pasture with red polka dotted heels, stabbing into the earth at each step, you just haven't lived. Then there was the time that I tried to slide between 2 strands of barbed wire wearing a filmy gown and knee high rubber boots to rescue the neighboring farmer from my brother-in-law's dog.

As time tends to change things, so have the gifts for obvious reasons I am sure. Now I get Dremel tools, shop vacs, reciprocating saws and such. And truthfully I use and appreciate them. But every once in a while something comes along that nobody especially Rusty would purchase for me. I didn't even know I needed it till I saw it.I found this picture frame with a shredded velvety painting, in it at one antique mall. The fabric picture was beyond repair, but the strange frame quite a treasure. The very next stop I made about 40 miles down the road had this dirty old tapestry, which happens to be just how I like my tapestries. So I rushed home fixed it up and voila! Thanks Rusty!


Edgar and Edgar said...

I LOVE the frame!!!! It is beautiful.


yellowdog granny said...

holy shit..that frame rocks..good thing I don't know where you live..I'd break in and steal it...wow..

yellowdog granny said...

holy shit..that frame rocks..good thing I don't know where you live..I'd break in and steal it...wow..

Hope said...

Hey girl,
"Rusty" done good!!

I'm glad to know you still lurk me and left me a comment!!