Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Spirit of the Buffalo

I love my state and it's people (in spite of the fact that they continue to be the reddest state in the country) and we recently celebrated our centennial. I know other states and cities have similar projects, but ours is the the "spirit of the buffalo". Oklahoma artists paint these bison statues and they are placed throughout the state at various locations. Here are a few of my favorites. Of course I really like the skeleton buffalo located in front of the Orthopedic Associates in Oklahoma City.


Gail Lackey said...

Wow..these are awsome! The skeleton buffalo is my fav also!! I want him in my yard!!
Happy hanunted holidaze!

Owlfarmer said...

Dallas did something similar with flying horses a few years back. But these are seriously cool. I think it all started with Parades of Cows in Chicago and elsewhere (with the likes of Moondrian and Moonet)some time ago. One Christmas I gave magnets of some of them to my colleagues, and they were a huge hit.

Jeanne said...

Adding you to my blogroll, so I know when to come look at new, cool stuff!

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