Sunday, June 29, 2008

Roosters for Sale or Trade or Free

We need to restore peace to the hen house but these testosterone filled fellas are having none of that. I love my chickens and would hate to resort to violence,

but haven't ruled it out either. Recipes?


High Desert Diva said...

That photo! Dresses, aprons, beheading. All in a days work.

Designs by CK said...

Hi Christie ~ Sorry none 4 me...2 NOISY!!! LOL '-)

Have a great & creative week!


Sweet Repose said...

And where are you located...I do miss my chickens...but them roosters can be a pain when there are too many. Most of my hens had few feathers in their backs...OFF WITH THEIR HEADS...


Owlfarmer said...

Sounds like chicken & dumplings time to me--although you might want to freeze 'em for a couple of months until it's not too hot to stew. If those guys have any age on them, they'll need a bit of slow cooking.

Mmmmm. Makes me think of fall.

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