Monday, June 23, 2008

More to Do at the Funeral Home

Having been a florist for many years, I've visited more than a few funeral homes usually by way of the floral delivery door. In recent years I've also had sad occasions to visit the departed for a last time in a funeral home. Needless to say funeral homes usually leave a lot to be desired for visiting destinations, unless of course you happen to stop in at the Cress Funeral Home in Madison, Wisconsin. Sam Sanfillippo has created a taxidermy wonderland in the basement of the funeral parlor. After paying your last respects and signing the guest book you can slip down to the basement and check out his mini-dioramas depicting squirrels and other fun loving wildlife. For an overview check out this flickr page and this Roadside America article.


Designs by CK said...

Hi Christie!

Popping in to say hello. :-)

Interesting taxidermy, which I know is not everyone's cup of tea. I can appreciate the skill that goes into the process.

Hope you are well & have a good week!


Karen from A`Musements said...

Oh crimmineeeee Christine! Where DO YOU spend your time on the internet to find all this stuff?! Once again you've topped yourself with oddness. Obviously you've recovered from your wasp encounter, and are back to playing fast and loose with the macabre. Glad you're feeling better... bzzzzz!

High Desert Diva said...

OMG! Hilarious

Edgar and Edgar said...

Love it!!!!


Sweet Repose said...

This is sooooooooo me...thanks for sharing...what a hoot.

Judy said...

How funny is that.

bgirl said...

See? And this ties into the Hope Floats thing, sort of. ;)

Hey, speaking of creepy taxidermy, you should TOTALLY read The Manikin by Joanna Scott.

cconz said...

theseare wonderful pictures, three cheers for oddness. the weirder the better, that's what i say.gotta love roadside america.

Erzsabet said...

WOW! Love those two in the pink car!! I found your blog through Mary's and I have to say that I LOVE your profile pic. It's dead weird!