Tuesday, July 1, 2008


The extraordinarily wet spring and June have meant more fireflies and I LOVE fireflies! I will even endure lots of mosquito bites to sit out and watch the fireflies. I don't chase them down and put them in fruit jars anymore but a jar full of twinkling fairy lights is more than intriguing. So at the risk of falling into the consumerism trap, it would sure be great to have these. I've seen instructions on the web about how to make them but that sounds hard. So for now I'll sit on porch in my rocker and enjoy them in their element.


Designs by CK said...

WOW how cool! ~ I want one!!! :)

Happy Hump Day!


artgirly said...

did you take these photos- they are great!

Edgar and Edgar said...

Love it!!!!!


Sweet Repose said...

If I lay at the foot of my bed upstairs, I can watch the fireflies in my front yard, just as I did as a child, with the lace curtains blowing over my face...ahhh...sweet memories.

High Desert Diva said...

We don't have them in Oregon...they seem like such magical creatures.

Karen from A`Musements said...

Oh, I'm SO glad you now know how to make these... we don't have fireflies (lightning bugs, as my grandfather Edmondson used to say when we visited in Alabama...) in Oregon, so I would appreciate several jars of these little lovelies when you have some spare time... ;-) Hope you had a nice
4th! xoxo Karen

mary schweitzer said...

I love them too! We are having a banner bug year here.

Kim Bagwill said...

I moved to California three years ago, and one of the few things I miss from Illinois are the fireflies on warm summer nights. I may just have to make those (okay, okay, I'll probably buy them) for my patio.

Owlfarmer said...

Great post for a Serenity fan!

It's been a terrific--and longer than usual--season for fireflies here, too. And because we don't use chemicals on our grass, we've got thousands more than our neighbors do--so at dusk, all during June and a bit beyond (there are still a few in mid-July) our yard turns into a fairyland.

Once, years ago, when I was burying a much-beloved cat in the middle of the night (it's apparently illegal to recycle animals this way in most suburbs), I dug into the ground to reveal a veritable night sky of glowing star-like objects there in the dirt. They were glow-worms--firefly larvae. It seemed like a poetic accompaniment to the task at hand, and I like to think the cat would be happy there in good fellowship.

Now I'm going to have to see if I can capture some of mine on film--you've inspired me once again. Thanks.