Friday, August 10, 2007

Sooo ugly............better now.

My project of the day has been this uuuuuugly little table. I think it has a cute shape so haven't been able to part with it. So today I finally got around to doing something with it, which in my world may or may not be it's last incarnation, but I will try it this way for a while. It was really hot here today, and I don't think you are supposed to paint when it's this hot or when it's very cold, but while it was drying or baking rather, in the sun, none of my pets got on it and tracked it up. Of course I thought I would melt, but I didn't and looking at my little project, feel much better. If only I could do one a day I would be so proud of myself. I put the little table, now stool, in my bathroom. My grandma always had a little upholstered stool in her bathroom, to sit on while shaving her legs or painting her toenails or some such stuff. Of course my grandma also kept a plastic bread bag over the scales too, not very conducive to seeing your weight, but all in all not a bad idea, hmmmm........

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