Thursday, August 16, 2007

Skeletons in my closet.

This is my boy and his addiction.
Here are his girls at lunch.
This is a portion of Janelle's new family, I see Dustin, Jen, Jameka and Evil Dick, the rest are on the other side of the lunch counter.

Yes, it's true, our family has some sordid secrets. Especially the secret regarding my oldest son, you see he is an addict. Don't think we haven't tried to get help for him because we have. Everyone in the family has talked to him, we've even tried an intervention, but no luck.
I have to admit, parent's hate to you know, but I was an enabler, when he had hit rock bottom I helped, he brought two little bitches to the house, Danielle and Janelle, and they were little bitches, they carried on day and night, squealing and fighting, trashing my house and making it smell like a pig sty. But I grew to love these bitches, Danielle moved on finally, but Janelle is still here. She wound up pregnant of course, but I drew the line this time, none of these babies would live in my house and so far so good, they are living behind the barn, it's hot out there but I go out and mist them from time to time, they'll get by. Maybe you can tell my son's addiction is not drugs or alcohol, it's worse, much worse it is pigs, hogs, what ever you want to call them. If it were drugs the chaos could be contained the secret hidden in a drawer or closet. But at the back of my new property it is pig pandemonium and I haven't heard of rehab for pigsters. Do you think Promises will take him? Where is Amy Winehouse going?

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Shirley Clifford said...

I called A&E's Intervention. They weren't interested. Judge Hatchett is next on my list. (