Monday, August 13, 2007

All Because of a Swan Decal

I really love my new bathroom, it was awful to begin with, not that I don't like John Deere green walls, just not so much in my bathroom, there was some really big moldy tile around the tub and demolition was dusty and wild. I rewired, then put bead board up, I cheated and used the 4 x 8 sheets, added more lights a new tub, flooring etc., Just to get to the point where I could put out all of the cute little doo dads I love so much and have been hoarding for quite a while. I got the mirror with pink and blue swan decal at the garage sale in Oklahoma City that they have yearly. Usually tons of good bargains are to be had by all. There is a guy there named Robert, who has the best stuff but I can't remember the charity he volunteers for. My friend Robie and I would to go to this sale religiously, but alas the past few years we've missed it and I've missed going with her. I don't have any cabinets in the bathroom yet, just a bookshelf with baskets. I need to think about that some more. The little prints reflected in the mirror came from an Anthropologie catalog and I think they are so cool!

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sweetheartville said...

Love the color you picked!