Sunday, June 29, 2008

Roosters for Sale or Trade or Free

We need to restore peace to the hen house but these testosterone filled fellas are having none of that. I love my chickens and would hate to resort to violence,

but haven't ruled it out either. Recipes?

Monday, June 23, 2008

More to Do at the Funeral Home

Having been a florist for many years, I've visited more than a few funeral homes usually by way of the floral delivery door. In recent years I've also had sad occasions to visit the departed for a last time in a funeral home. Needless to say funeral homes usually leave a lot to be desired for visiting destinations, unless of course you happen to stop in at the Cress Funeral Home in Madison, Wisconsin. Sam Sanfillippo has created a taxidermy wonderland in the basement of the funeral parlor. After paying your last respects and signing the guest book you can slip down to the basement and check out his mini-dioramas depicting squirrels and other fun loving wildlife. For an overview check out this flickr page and this Roadside America article.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

No, I Didn't

No I didn't survive Friday the 13th unscathed. Before the clock struck midnight I was viciously attacked by a wasp. It bit me or stung me and it hurt really bad! Of course I may be a big sissy and have a very low pain threshold, but it really hurt. After digging through the medicine cabinet in search of relief I settled on Bactine. But I could have used one of these. Just think of all the room I could save in the bathroom cabinet if I could decide on one.

Nature's remedy. Vegetine, the great blood purifier. Purifies the Blood, renovates and invigorates the whole system. Its medicinal qualities are Alterative, Tonic, Solvent and Diuretic...Vegetine in powder form is sold by all druggists and general stores...

Brown's Household Panacea
...The great pain reliever. For internal and external pains, Rheumatism, Pain in Stomach, Bowels or Side, Colic, Diarrhoea, Colds, Sprains, Burns, Scalds, Cramps & Bruises...Brown's Vermifuge Comfits or Worm Lozenges...

. Danforth's Great Vegetable Pain Destroyer
Danforth's Vegetable Pain Destroyer has been the recognized standard remedy for all affections of the bowels, as the many hundreds of thousands of persons - in all parts of the world - who have used it, will testify. With such a record, why should any one neglect to keep it at hand for ready use in sudden attacks of Cholera Morbus, Summer Complaint and Colic, and the debilitating ailments of Diarrhea and Dysentary, to which all are liable during our hot seasons. It will afford quick relief, check the tendency to violent action, and soothe and calm the stomach and bowels. For Cramps it gives immediate relief, and for Asiatic Cholera it is a reliable stand-by...

Dalley's Magical Pain Extractor
...Because it cures Burns and Scalds, and leaves no scar. Because it will cure a felon quicker than anything else known. Because it gives relief at once, and always cures the Piles. Because by it the agony of Corns and Bunions is relieved immediately. Because it will make Chapped Hands smooth in a night. Because it draws from Ulcers and old Sores their poison, healing without scar. Because Erysipelas and Skin Diseases have found in it a master. Because Inflammation in every form gives way to it as if by magic...

Mother Gray Sweet Worm Powders
The children's worm medicine so successfully used by Mother Gray, for years a nurse in the Children's Home in New York...If you have a child fretful and cross, with dark circles around the eyes, offensive breath, frequent headaches, constant thirst, pains in the stomach and bowels; or if your child's sleep is disturbed by a hacking cough, and grinding of the teeth, and the child frequently talks during sleep, and on waking is pale and irritable, with irregular bowels and itching and bleeding at the nose...they are as harmless as milk and pleasant to take and never fail...
(my daughter definitely needs this.)

And for good measure I need this:

Ham's Oil of Gladness
...Ham's Oil of Gladness is a nice clean and pleasant remedy for the many aches and pains that are constantly occurring in every household. It is pleasant to the senses being aromatic, and limpid as pure water...It is used internally and externally, full directions in English and German accompany each bottle...

Well, I guess I would just fill up the medicine cabinet with different stuff.

Check out these and other images at UCLA Image Library .

Friday, June 6, 2008

Only in my dreams...

my really bad ones, have I run across such creatures. Deborah Sengl an Austrian artist explores these scenarios in her sculptures of wolvish sheep people or sheepish wolf people or peoplish wolf sheep pumas or whatever. She explores concepts of masquerade, deception and camoflage. These I find thought provoking at the very least. She works in other mediums including tapestry, check these out at this site.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Six More Useless Facts

I've been tagged by Karen at A'Musements to list 6 more unusal facts about myself. I thought I was very unique and quirky, till Donna at The Ribboned Crown, outed herself as being a fan of Extreme Cagefighting, so now I know I'm not alone, which leads to the first of my facts.

1. Like Donna, I have become a fan of mixed martial arts. I once thought of myself as being a very non-violent type person, but these guys look like brawlers and fight like tigers, but they have mad skills. There is a method behind the madness and this is a great sport. I may be a little like the decadent Romans and these guys are the gladiators. There I said it.

2. I secretly watch 'Hope Floats' every time it comes on, while riduculing romantic movies to any one who will listen. (I also find Harry Connick, Jr. somewhat sexy in this flick) and I like the mother's 'fraidy cats'.

3. My daughter said to only list one of these facts, to list both with expose me as being the redneck, that I probably am.
a. I have a pet racoon, named Woogie, he is adorable, sweet and loving and 9 years old.
b. I bring one of my favorite little hens in and let her sit in my lap. (If you watch extreme
cagefighting while holding a chicken in your lap, you might be a redneck.)
There I said it and now you know the real me.

4. I had a friend in 5th grade who had a monkey and had Buddy Hackett at his birthday party. There were lots of Jewish comedians in Las Vegas in those days, but none came to my parties.

No Picture, I didn't take enough.

5. If I knew then what I know now, I would have joined the Peace Corps and I would have taken more pictures of everything and everyone, including myself. I always thought that I am having a bad hair or skin day and tomorrow, I will look better. WRONG!

6. The first crush I ever had on a movie star was when I was six and had a crush on Robert Mitchum, if you don't count the very first one when I was 5 on Roy Rogers. (It wasn't the same after he started hanging out at the cafe with Dale.) Then at 7 came Paul Newman and that one is still in effect.

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Twenty-one strangers picked to live...

in a tub. Find out what happens when they stop being polite and start getting real. Yes, I've been nesting literally well figuratively, or what ever. I incubated these eggs, and thought at times I would lose my sanity not to mention lots of sleep. I bought an affordable (meaning cheap) incubator (don't do it). The temperature and humidity would fluctuate wildly at all hours and the tiniest adjustment would lead to more wild fluctuations. I was sure at many points I had cooked them or chilled them, but at the end of 21 days, voila. Twenty-one chicks in twenty-one days. Now aren't they cute?