Thursday, September 10, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation.

Well, I didn't go anywhere for a summer vacation. But here are a couple of pics I found on my camera from summer. The first is my birthday cake. I haven't had a birthday cake since my mama passed away in 2004. She was a real stickler that I always have a cake. She would enlist someone to go get me the very prettiest cake every year. And of course me being me, I LOVED the corner pieces with lots of frosting roses. Guess I must have reminisced about that quite alot. So my darling little girl got me a cake with frosting roses everywhere and in my favorite color! Boy did we enjoy it!

"When I am an old woman I shall wear purple..." and pink skulls on my shoes. Love these comfy shoes. Would have died had my children tried to wear something so fugly. But in my bizarro reality think I may be rockin these. (Which is the exact reason that I fear for my sanity.) One hot July day, I mean really hot July day, (did I say it was a hot July day?) we found this guy. This poor little fella had fallen down into a barrell of feed and could not claw his way up and out. When my husband found him, he thought he was dead as he was totally unresponsive. But after a closer look we could see he was barely breathing, and totally dehydrated. So drop by drop, we gave him water, then pedialyte. When he regained conciousness he moved on to canned cat food. After a few days and an amazing recovery he was ready to rejoin his family. Since then I have seen him several times as we had marked him with a squirt of green livestock marking paint. Guess all's well that ends well. He's not sickly in this photo, but enjoying a scratch on the back from my hubby.
That's about it for the pics in the camera, but I am looking at the calendar hoping to take a summer vacation in the fall. We'll see.


Designs By CK said...

Lovely cake! '-)

Popping in to say hello & enjoy your weekend! :-)


Jeanne said...

Pretty good summer, even if you didn't get to travel.

Holly Hall said...

I hope your birthday was great! That cake looks so good, as do the shoes.

It's a bit short notice now, but it would be soooo great if you could come to the Deluxe Craft Weekend retreat the 25-27 in OKC. Sometime soon we need to visit! Love ya.

Owlfarmer said...

Sounds like a good enough summer vacation to me. I'm not sure I had one, but can't remember at this point. One of the perils of rural or semi-rural life is coming across Wild Things (I found baby opossums last spring); we've got a resident raccoon who likes to drive our dogs mad at night when he skulks through the bushes. Yours is a cutie, and I love that you helped him survive. Makes me wonder how my little brother and sister 'possums are doing (they went to a wildlife rehab outfit in Plano).