Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Everyday as I wander the web I am amazed and astounded at the beautiful things I see, also that there are so many talented people out there! It's so wonderful that people do blog and share their thoughts and talents. What I find even more astounding and amazing is that these talented people would give me an award for my blog. These three awards were given out by some of the most talented women who make the most beautiful art. You must visit their blogs and see for yourself.
Nicole at Girl from Stand Up Tub Land has given me the Kreativ Blog award. Her sculpture, assemblage and jewelry are beautiful.

Then I received this Beautiful Blog Award from Mary at Green Woman Creating. She does assemblage art using natural elements which I LOVE. She also shares her techniques.

Today Loralynn at My Art, My So Called Life honored me with this One Lovely Blog award. I only wish I could make art like her beautiful quilts. Until then I visit her blog to get an eyeful of the lovelies.

Once you visit their blogs you will see why I am so flattered and I will be passing them along. Thanks girls!


Designs By CK said...

CONGRATS on the blog award as you SURELY do have a most interesting blog!

Take a bow!

Chris (-:

Jeanne said...

Congratulations. I love coming here, and it's nice to see your lovely blog recognized!

Judy said...

Congrats - so well deserved too

yellowdog granny said...

you deserve them all.

High Desert Diva said...

Wow! Congrats on all 3!

sue said...

Making a wonderful blog like you have is a lot of work and you deserve to be rewarded for entertaining all of us!