Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Want to Be Katy Keene

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My mother was an artist and loved paper dolls. She would draw pin-up girl paper dolls and they looked a lot like Katy Keene. Who is this Katy Keene you ask? She was the creation of comic book artist Bill Woggon and first appeared in all of her long-legged curvalicious glory in 1945. Katy comics were published six times a year and fans would literally line up to buy their issue. They would pour over all of Katy's new outfits, cut them carefully out and dream of being Katy themselves. Readers would submit ideas for her clothing and Bill Woggons would add them to her wardrobe. Truthfully, Katy was before my time. And being the type of child who would rather wear jeans, explore and capture insects and wildlife, I had very little interest in my mother's paperdolls. Until now. And now I think I would love to be Katy, have that killer body and look wonderful when I am 63, no surgery, no botox.


High Desert Diva said...

Those are flippin' awesome! I've never heard of Katy, or the artist. Very interesting post.

Ask to see Karen (A'Musements) Flossie cartoon from the 1940's. It's a riot.

mary schweitzer said...

I love these. I had paper dolls when I was young. My favorites were the Lennon Sisters and Hayley Mills. Man I'm old! LOL!

Designs by CK said...

LOVE this post!!! :)

TGIF!!! :)


artgirly said...

Thanks for turning me onto Katy. We always called my niece Katy Keene and I didnt know where it came from. cool beans!

Maryam said...

These are crazy fun. Frame-able!

yellowdog granny said...

i think i remember least they seem familiar to me...i also had shirley temple paper dolls, and when the queen had her coranation i had the queen paper doll with all her clothes and jewels..was fecking cool..

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

These are so adorable! I have never heard of Katy Keene but I know I would have been one of those lining up to buy....

I adored paper dolls when I was growing up, and devoted many hours to my collection.

Thanks for posting these, they are priceless and a real window into the past.


Karen from A`Musements said...

Oh Christie, love these! I have a couple of old newspapers that have the coolest pin-up type drawings of gals in connection with armed services... love it. I'm like Mary Schweitzer that wrote to you; I had the Lennon Sisters, Hayley Mills, Jackie Kennedy... (I also loved Colorforms) Thanks for showing these...very fun to see!

Hope said...

Hi Christy,
Just thought I'd better take time to stop by and check up on you! Now I find you have reverted to your second childhood already! LOL

I use to love paper dolls but never heard of Katy Keene. I'm older than dirt but she must have been before my time. I did play with the Betsy McCall ones but she certainly wasn't stylin' like Katy!! :O)

I hope all is well with you. I've had a few problems lately but I'm doing least for now!

Hugs and Blessings,

mary schweitzer said...

You've been tagged! Read the latest post on my blog.

Dave Huddleston said...

My Mom too has a box of Katie Keen with the matching wardrobe she created to go with her! A ball gown for every occassion.

MoeyShea said...

I loved Katy Keen since I was about 10 in the fifties. To me, every comic was a treasure.

Anonymous said...

I was a Katy fan and even sent in designs......then 30 years later I became a costume designer. I'd forgotten about Katy until recently.....thanks for the trip down memory lane.


TheFrugalFashionista said...

My mom got me into Katy Keene in 1986 and I found the newer addition in Canada on a trip. But the old 1940's pin-up looks were the best! I almost got Bill Woggon's autograph because he was listed in the phonebook in Santa Barbara!! I was too late though because he passed away soon after I discovered him.

Anonymous said...

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jammanora said...

When I was in junior high school my sisters and I formed a Katy Keen club and drew pictures upon pictures of her and her clothing. My sister Lynda being more settled than me through the years kept her samples and now I wld like to draw a few for fun.I am an artist although I am definitely nt a comic book artist.I enjoy your blg.