Sunday, March 30, 2008

This Ain't Tink

Tessa Farmer's recent exhibit at London's Natural History Museum is titled Swarms and features fairies. These are not your Granny's type fairies, but instead malevolent little demons, she refers to as Hell's Angels. They are tiny, almost microscopic creatures made from pieces of roots. leaves, insects and other organic matter. Her image of fairies is in stark contrast with other sweeter, Tinkerbell type faires we sometimes imagine these come with a spooky preconceived plan to eventually attack humans. She has work featured at Saatchi Gallery.

"These winged creatures occupy a transitory state somewhere between existence and imagination, between life and death. Visually provocative they are macabre, yet strangely beautiful, combining elements of attraction and repulsion. Beautiful as they may seem to some, these are far removed from the benign gossamer beings of the Victorian era. "

This art definitely gives me another perspective on nature and folklore, something that I am always looking for.


yellowdog granny said...

ok, that's just a tad creepy...interesting..but creepy anyhow..

High Desert Diva said...

Another perspective is right... creepy.

Amazing that she can create something so tiny/detailed though

Designs by CK said...

GREAT post!


CK :)

mary schweitzer said...

Your blog is the most amazing place! How do you find all these unusual and creative artists?

Edgar and Edgar said...

Always a pleasure to visit!!!!


Capitán Langstrump said...

These are very interesting and really little creatures. Delicious work! Thank you, Christie.

Lady Lavona said...

Oh yes, these are amazing!