Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Shot the Sheriff...

...but I didn't shoot any of these. There are advantages to living in Oklahoma and right around the corner from this place. I went shopping, here at Skulls Unlimited International. Where bones are their business their only business. If you have ever watched Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe (yes, I admit it I have a crush on him) you may have seen this place. Their showroom has skulls of every type imaginable, including human and they have a skull and skeleton museum complete with the whale skeleton that Mike Rowe helped clean.
They carry skulls for teaching purposes, museum quality and museum quality replicas and for girls like me, the economy bag of art and craft quality skull assortment. I got a bobcat, fox, raccoon, possum, jackrabbit, turkey and squirrel and I didn't even have to poke them with a stick and drag them home. I am not cold hearted either as I unpacked each little package, I said, "poor bobcat, poor little fox..." and so on and so forth. I loved this place and recommend that if you can't go in person at least visit them at:
Skulls Unlimited, Intl.
and you can see the clips from Dirty Jobs on their myspace page,
Skulls Unlimited Myspace Page


sweetheartville said...

I, too have a crush on Mike Rowe. It's almost as big as the one I have on Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild. That Discovery Channel is some titillating television!

Hey Harriet said...

Bit creepy...but I'm curious to see what you do with them!

I'll save checking out the 'Skulls Unlimited' site for when I'm feeling a little more brave...Yup, I'm a scaredy-cat ;)

I'd like to join in on the party & say that I have a crush on Mike Rowe also. But unfortunately I have no idea who he is!

mary schweitzer said...

I love Baxter Black and Mike Rowe. And I can say fer sure I am a Wabi-sabi kinda girl!
Your blog always makes my heart happy and gets my creative juices flowing! Thanks for sharing the amazing things you do and see.

High Desert Diva said...

I can now say I *know* someone who shops for skulls.

My life is complete...

Designs by CK said...

LOVE this & Mike Rowe!

I was just watching him last night after "How Things Are Made!" '-)

Gotta love the skulls!

Spooky Chris

Edgar and Edgar said...

Love the Skulls!!!!