Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm sleepy, very very sleepy.

I spent last night fighting marauding owls. Guess they've been hunting my chicken yard for a while, but my crime scene forensic skills weren't up to discovering what was really going on. I hear them hooting away every night, but had always assumed they were out making a legitimate living. Not preying on my fat happy hens. But last night I caught one red handed or red 'taloned' if you will. I have some very serious news for this latest varmint. It's a very dire thing indeed to find your self at the top of the list for chicken killers, the list of things keeping me awake at night, and the list of taxidermied (is that a word?) things I'd like to own.


The JD said...

This owl story made my night! I used to work in wildlife rehabilitation, where we had many of those pesky owls on hand. They had either be striken flightless OR had minor injury from car accidents.

Occasionally, as I so tenderly tried to sneak into their cage and feed them (them being Great Horned), one would climb to a spot right above the door and descend down upon my back/head as I was busy changing the food bowl. Oh! They made me SO mad.

We also had a Barred owl, she would hide (don't ask me how you can lose a giant owl) and then SCREECH out of nowhere and scare the holy life out of you.

Pesky critters!! This post reminded me of such. Thank you!

Holly Hall said...

Ha! I hope you get that owl!

cconz said...

I think Owls are the neatest critters. But, i also don't have them attacking my pets.
I wanted to tell you, That pic you had of the african guy with the heyina, was the still to date the strangest, creepy thing i've seen. My bill still talks about it.