Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Sneaks

Of course I need these shoes. Did you know that you can design your own at Zazzle ? Which is what I did with this hawk skeleton image that I like.


Designs By CK said...

COOL sneaks! ~ I did not know you could personalize your own thru Zazzle. FUN!

Have a great week lady.

Chris (-:

Capitán Langstrump said...

Ooooh!. Wonderful!
Best wishes, Christie.

yellowdog granny said...

oh my know I'm going right there and will spend every spare .10 I have on those sneaks..sigh*

mary schweitzer said...

The perfect kicks for you!

Sue said...

That is amazing! And I love the ones you designed.

Designs By CK said...

Happy St. Patrick's day Christie!

Lechuza is on it's way! '-)

SpOOky Cheers!
Chris (-:


Holly Hall - Sweetheartville said...

Those are great! Miss you too.

Judy said...

Wonderful i know someone who would love this!

High Desert Diva said...

Now these are flippin' cool.