Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I AM the Luckiest Halloween Girl

Yes, indeedy I am. Why just today our postman delivered these sweet goodies to me. This adorable witchy hat from my swap friend Molly. Thank-you, thank-you! And from my girl Shirl, (my baby girl), these cute 'Coffeemate Creamer' cat mugs, how sweet is that? Yesterday, while walking we came across this really spooky house, with giant spider, mummy and skeleton in the window, I loved it! Does anyone know what these beautiful purple berries are? So pretty. It was all topped off with this gorgeous sunset. Told you I am the luckiest.


Anonymous said...

I was always told the berries were poison. I do know that is what the birds eat and the poop on ours cars.But other than that i love the photos.

bgirl said...

Alright, I'm new here...but is that seriously your house? You ARE the luckiest Halloween girl EVER! Gorgeous!