Saturday, September 8, 2007


I've decided that the look and colors I'd love to have for my house are those of a sepia toned photograph, then I walk into my kitchen and with all the jadeite, Fiesta dishes and assorted cookie jars maybe I don't. I guess I'm a Bi-polar decorator. Lots of rain was predicted for our area, but we just got a few showers, thank-goodness. It's still mighty wet and humid here. Looking forward to some "crisp" autumn days.


sweetheartville said...

We are on the same bi-polar decorating page. I've changed the color/decorating scheme for my new, as of yet, imaginary, bedroom four times! I just love and appreciate so many colors/themes/styles/eras that I can't seem to pick just one. Do I go with the pink, gray and green vinatage tropical theme of my last bedroom, or a green and red asian retreat, or how about a dusty pink and silver 1940s Hollywood boudoir? You see, I'm torn, and it's this way with every room in the house!

red tin heart said...

You know what would look great on your mirror? Smooth river rock, with a tall candle on each end and a smaller candle in the middle. With the rocks surrounding the candles. That woul look so neat.
I like it now, but my mind always configures things when I see them. Thanks for your encouragement. I know God will help, I am just worn down right now with everything. xo nita

Miz Smoochie Lips said...

hahaha! Bipolar decorating. Maybe we should start a self help program.

Let me start out by offering to "help" you take that jadeite and fiesta ware off your hands!!!!!

heh heh heh. Tricky, aren't I?