Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bye Old Cat

This is my cat. Poor old thing got stuck with the name, "Brown Tail". It started when a woman saw him and said, "What's his name? Brown tail?". Too bad really, I always have the best intentions of naming my pets something cool and witty, but that seldom ever happens. And as my granny always said, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."

I was delivering flowers at a veterinary office one day 9 years ago, while there I saw this great old white cat with the prettiest blue crossed eyes. They were looking for a home for him, someone had left him for boarding and not returned. He was full grown then and not a young cat at all. Since I've had him, he's been great. Sometimes, a little persistent and annoying, but who calls that a fault? Today we had to have him put to sleep. You know, he was a survivor of this summer's horrible "bobcat virus". I mean he didn't survive it but he was the only cat to avoid it. But as will happen due to his advancing age, his health had been declining. The past few months he'd been living on a diet of cooked ground turkey and chicken livers, something he loved. Anyway, I'm going to miss him.